Hi! I'm Martinique Lewis, an award winning diversity in travel consultant, creative lead for Nomadness Travel Tribe, President of the Black Travel Alliance. Board member to Conde Nast and the National Outdoor Leadership School. And now you can add creator of The ABC Travel Greenbook! The number one resources connecting travelers to the African Diaspora Globally. 


Trusted amongst my peers as a ‘’connector’’ I'm always connecting the dots to ensure the travel industry is mindful of diversity, not just as a ‘Buzz word’’ but an action that produces results.


As a Digital Disruptor whose immensely in love with all things travel, daily I strive to change the narrative by advocating for travelers that represent different demographics across multiple platforms.


Working directly with tourism boards and travel brands I create content that is exciting and influential. My mission is to change the face of tourism forever, so that we all feel and see ourselves reflected!


Studies show that 70% of multicultural travelers book accommodations and travel experiences with companies where they see themselves reflected. And with diversity and inclusion being pushed like never before, It's time this industry changes!


According to a recent study ,Black Americans spend 109.4 billion plus on travel annually and Muslim Travelers by 2021 will account for $220 billion dollars being injected into this space!


Brands that are in tune with inclusive communities have started to make the shift, but there's much more that can be done.


Every traveler has a voice and it should be heard!

It's up to us, to be the change we want to see! 

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to speaking with you!