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Long Beach Airport! Everything you need to know to #FLYLGB!

Updated: May 9, 2023

My whole life when traveling through southern California I've flown through LAX and BUR from the Bay Area. As a frequent flyer , I had no idea how much of a gem Long Beach Airport is! Under the direction of my shero Ms. Cynthia Guidry it is by far the most convenient airport to use when trying to get to your desired destination in the region.

From curb to gate, you will experience a quick journey of no more than five minutes. With all our favorite airport hacks, like TSA and Clear, I joked about whether or not those options even needed to be available because there's absolutely no line.

With the opening of their new terminal in 2022 , from the moment you reach the other side of security you're immersed into a space that was specifically crafted and curated not only to celebrate our travel journey, but to eliminate the new anxiety we have as travelers during a global pandemic. During Covid19 the team at LGB was able to pivot flawlessly by creating an outdoor space where kids can be kids, adults can relax, recharge and work remotely prior to their flights. With a beautiful landscape that supports lots of sunlight and seating, passengers can unwind and prepare to take off.

When going inside the terminal LGB makes sure you can taste Longbeach. The airport supports local vendors in their food courts and restaurant space, and they are all Long beach favorites. You can see local artist throughout the terminals with paintings and art installations that are eye-catching and spark conversation. Looking for long beach gear, they have that too and any item you might need on your journey.

This airport has the essentials that travelers who wish to fly without the hassle need.

With 53 flights a day, travel programs, water dispensers, space for your kids to release some energy prior to boarding, instagrammable activations and more, LGB is the best choice for west coast travel. Travel well, travel Long Beach!

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