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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

It all started at the Women In Travel Summit 2019 in Portland, Maine. As a content creator you get excited about speed networking because you get to meet with so many destinations and speak about the possibilities of you visiting. I sat down to speak to Susan Melton Marketing Director, from Janesville Convention & Visitors Bureau and remember being perplexed because she told me that the Underground Railroad had several stops in Wisconsin. Excuse me, Wisconsin, Wisconsin? The state where you can still see the effects of slavery and racism today Wisconsin? The more we talked, the more I learned about the many abolitionist and political movements that transpired in Wisconsin. I couldn’t believe in what I was hearing and before I knew it our time was up, I felt like we had only scratched the surface, and I knew the only way to feed my curiosity further was to visit!

Although I visited Beloit, Janesville and Madison locations, it’s only right to speak about them individually as they are all extremely different and worth your attention, enjoy!

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